Case study

Client A Body transformation

Long term goal = 30kg weight loss.

Macrocycle (year) 1

Week zero measurements:

Weight = 134 kg

Waist = 137 cm

Hips = 144 cm

Waist-to-hip ratio = 0.95 cm

Bust = 129 cm

My client and I didn’t set a specific weight loss target for the year. Rather we wanted to lose weight steadilly, as in the past she has lost weight extremely quickly and put it all back on. We also wanted to lower her waist-to-hip ratio to a healthier number. Below are her macrocycle 1 results from October 2020 to October 2021:

Despite two lockdowns, holidays during August and September 2021 and the occasional wane in motivation, we are both pleased with what we have achieved so far- 11 kg’s lost, 27cm and 8 cm lost from the waist and hips respectively and 13 cm lost from around the chest. Her current waist-to-hip ratio = 0.80 cm. Year 1 has been successful. Note- the client didn’t have baseline fat and muscle indices measured. However due to the type of training we performed, the nutrional interventions followed and the changes in girth measurements, we can make the assumption that most of the weight loss was from fat tissue and not muscle!

Our goal for year two will be to continue to lose fat at a steady rate- we hope a loss of fat from the hips will contribute to this as she stores most of her fat there. From a health perspective, we need to get her waist circumference lower as an increased waist circumference is a stand-alone risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

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