Transformations and Testimonials

Some pictures have been captured by clients!

Emily W, 1-2-1 client, 1 year

I have been training with Jason for just over a year, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.
Jason has a holistic outlook to health and fitness which encompasses nutritional advice with cardio and strength training, all of which has helped me to lose weight and build muscle tone at an achievable and sustainable pace.
Jason’s extensive experience in the fitness industry means that he has a confident and relaxed approach, which is ideal for anybody who might be intimidated by the idea of personal training. He is also incredibly cheerful and good-natured, which makes working out with him a lot of fun – even when it’s a challenge!

Stefana Z, Online Client (12 weeks)

I’ve been into sports all my life and I wanted to get my body back. So I shared few photos with Jason to give him an idea of how I wanted to look again. I followed a 12 week program that was customized based on my age, food preferences and physical condition. Jason was very supportive through the entire process. He was extremely helpful and answered all my questions. He takes his job very seriously. He sees your success is also his success! I highly recommend Jason for his professionalism and dedication to help you achieve your specific results. I feel confident, strong and beautiful. I can’t thank him enough for all his dedication he put into each week . Best PT I could ever get.

Carolina G, online client (20 weeks)

Jason is extremely reliable, committed and punctual. He helped me to achieve my goals- I not only weight, I improved my strength and toned my body too. All this was possible thanks to an accurate meal and training plan, which was challenging but rewarding! I strongly recommend Jason as a Personal Trainer if you want to achieve your health and fitness goals!

Obenewa A, 1-2-1 Client (18 months)

I started training with Jason in 2016. Since then he has helped me to completely transform my body. I love training with Jason as he is very motivating and consistently creates great plans towards my ongoing goals. He doesn’t just train me on a physical level- he is also aware of the mental encouragement and focus that goes hand- in -hand with being a well rounded personal trainer! I recommend him very highly.

Marco R, Online client (8 weeks)

I recommend Jason very highly as a trainer. He fully tailored my training around my goals and busy lifestyle. His precious nutritional advice combined with the different workouts helped me achieve great and lasting results and an amazing body transformation, resulting in a better psychological state and increased self confidence. Jason is very supportive and committed to sharing his knowledge and passion for health and fitness to better your life!

Léa, 1-2-1 client, 5 months

Maria A, 1-2-1 client (40 weeks)

I had never had a personal trainer, nor had I used the gym before, and so, I didn’t know what to expect from our session. I certainly didn’t expect that 10 months down the line I would be fitter, leaner and stronger than I had been in the last 20 years. I also didn’t expect to enjoy the training sessions as much as I did. From day one you made me feel very comfortable and safe, I always left the sessions feeling exhilarated. I can’t thank you enough for all your knowledge, dedication, support and encouragement and for ensuring my technique was always correct. You were always very attentive and clearly cared about my well being and development.

Ashwaq M, 9 Months

I started training with Jason in a bid to tone up and lose some stubborn fat. Being a solicitor and working long hours meant no motivation to go to the gym, skipping meals or just eating the wrong food. Jason created a meal plan tailored to my lifestyle and gave me lots of tips on nutrition. He was very supportive and always available to answer my questions.

Jason knew exactly how to push encourage me. His motivation and enthusiasm was a real driving force. I am amazed at how much my overall strength and fitness has improved. Within 8 weeks I had lost weight, visibly gained definition and had a lot more energy! My training with Jason has been nothing but fun, encouraging and supportive of all aspects of my well being!. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jason as a trainer!

Loukas M, 1-2-1 client, 9 years

I have been training with Jason for the last nine years and the longevity of this training partnership is evidence of the high opinion I have for him! In this period I have lost nearly 40 kgs and have changed some six clothes sizes. I have more energy, sleep better and have significantly improved my quality of life. 
Jason’ approach is holistic and provides different training regimes (cardio, HIIT, circuit, weights etc) and practical nutritional advice. He is accommodating and respectful of the client’s needs while being consistent on focusing on short-term objectives and long terms goals. We have formed a strong training partnership which has produced tangible and lasting results. I would warmly recommend him.

Raffaella Penna 1-2-1 client, 2 years

Jason is a passionate personal trainer who takes his clients’ concerns to heart. He listens attentively and understands your aims and objectives, to then tailor the training program to meet your needs. I started training with Jason in 2016 and was fascinated and intrigued by his method of training. Jason always has words of encouragement when an exercise is performed well but most of all gives me reassurance when needed; helping me understand how my body works, and making me feel in safe hands. If I have any questions Jason always answers to the best of his abilities helping me understand. If you are looking for a trainer who listens carefully to your needs and cares about your goals, whilst challenging you to reach your potential I would highly recommend Jason.

Loretta T, 1-2-1 client, 8 years

I started training with Jason about 8 years ago having never been to a gym before. He is the main reason I have continued the fitness journey since then. His holistic approach and positive, encouraging manner has kept me going through the challenges!!

Jason has helped me strengthen to deal with the back problems I was experiencing at the outset.

He is hugely supportive, has a strong knowledge of how the body works and is always calm. Most of all he is professional, patient but firm, encouraging and a kind person who cares about his clients.  

I really appreciate how he has helped me and would highly recommend Jason – he is the best.

Jean Pierre, 1-2-1 client, 3 years

I have been training with Jason now for over 3 years. I was overweight and was struggling with improving my health, diet and fitness levels.

I can honestly say, training with Jason has been the best thing I have ever done for my health, fitness, strength, diet and an overall sense of wellbeing.

Right from the start Jason asked me: past issues with injuries ( I do have: 25 years ago major ankle reconstruction, back accident and surgical operation) and any experience with exercise ( I did: French National competition swimmer as a child, Era of body pumping 70’s, aerobic 80’s, and early 90’s of triathlon). In my mid 30’s I was badly injured and have many body part movement deficiencies. From the first session Jason work at my level.

Jason’s consistency in training – after creating a personal program -(no excuses to miss sessions or to try to fob him off with chit chat or  impossible to have an excuse!!!!!)  He has shown dedication to my progress, nutritional knowledge, sense of fun while working out with a real desire to ensure I succeed. This has meant that at the age of 56, I can say, I am getting fitter, stronger, more toned, overall strength improving, more knowledgeable and motivated than I have ever been. Jason’s enthusiasm for fitness and vast knowledge is infectious.

Not only is Jason a great Personal Trainer, he is a genuinely lovely person who will listen to you, your goals and fitness challenges and will work with you to ensure you are continuously improving. Jason will work you hard and make you sweat, but I can surely see the results and feel great. I honestly think he has a real desire to help people change their lives. I cannot highly recommend Jason enough as a Personal trainer.

Overall, I am a fitter and happier person. Mr Jason, Thank you.

Jean-Pierre (

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